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Meet Author STEVEN F. HAVILL at the Capitan Public Library
on Saturday April 16 from 11:30am to 1pm
to include a Q&A, or book chat followed by the Book Signing.
Author of
"Posadas County Mystery Books"
including his latest "No Accident" published in March 2022

Steven F. Havill is an American author who has written 2 mystery series and several western standalone novels. Reading the Steven Havill books in order includes his popular series is the Posadas County Mystery, set in New Mexico. It currently has 19 books, with the latest novel, Easy Errors, published in 2017.

One might argue that there are two separate mystery series written by the author, with the first series called Bill Gastner Mysteries being separate from the Posadas County series.


The reason is that after Bill Gastner retired from his job as a sheriff, Estella Reyes-Guzman, the new Undersheriff took over the job. I will list them separately as well, because the later book are really not about the retired Bill anymore.

Steven F. Havill was born in 1945 in New York and currently lives with his wife in Raton, New Mexico.

The author was also a teacher, and through his work, he studied medicine for over 30 years, knowledge which he transferred in many of his books.

The first Steven F. Havill book, Heartshot, which is also the first in the Bill Gastner series, was published in 1991. The story is set in Ruidoso, New Mexico, in southwestern New Mexico. Posados country is an imaginary border country.

When the series started with the first book, Bill Gastner was already fast approaching retirement, as he was 60 at the time. That’s why the original series is relatively short, with only nine main books, which is then followed by the Posadas Country series that goes on even until today.

Easy Errors, the author’s novel in his Posadas County Mystery series, published in 2017, is a prequel of the series which takes us back to 1986 when Bill Gastner was an undersheriff.

The story focuses mostly on Deputy Robert Torrez’s first big case from back then. The book is, in fact, a prequel to the prequel, One Perfect Shot (which is Bill Gastner novella #0.5).

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